‘Remark-able’ is not enough, become a story character

Seth say’s it brilliantly : make products – “Remark”able ( “Purple Cow”, “Big M00”).

So that people will remark (include in their stories) and spread the good word. In other words, leverage users /viewers to expand your reach. Best products are ones which intrinsically help connect to others.

I agree but think “remark”able is not enough.

Why not ?

  1. I agree that users can be and should be leveraged (through their stories) to reach out to bigger audience.
  2. Stories are better than remarks.
  3. Remarks like comments are just passing. Stories are often told again and again. Moving stories involve the closest people to you (often yourself).
  4. You pass a remark on a stranger, while you introduce a friend, involve a family member, relate to a lover, and tell a autobiography.
  5. For more valueable introduction/involvement/ relation/ connection with the user and their world, one needs to do more than being remarkable.

Orbits of Experiences (how they can spread the word):

  1. Remarkable (Sensory) – “Wow!! did you see that… you must “
  2. Friendly (Interactive) – “Meet my best friend…”
  3. Family (emotional) – “our new family member …”
  4. Lover (relate) – “my partner… she understands me.”
  5. Self (connect) – “that changed me…a turning point in my life”

The above effects not just marketeers. A designer, maker/developer, marketeer, business owner, user, all need to realize that we humans value the world according to these kind of orbits of experiences.


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