Technology doesn’t know it is dealing with humans

Walgreens has been calling my home (through an automatic message)reminding me to collect my photos., which I had already collected 3 months back. “Oh ! maybe our system didn’t update it” excused the clerk, as if it is common occurance for her, when I went today to inform them of the harassing voice messages. She checked and confirmed that there were no photos pending on my name. Then she deleted the entry on computer.

If their computer system is smart enough to alert them of un-collected packages, why couldn’t they tally with their inventory and update it ?

Using technology, they did create a automatic voice message system, but ignored that it could sometimes behave erratically and irritate me – the customer.
Do not rely too much on technology, customer is a human being and can get pissed off with simple errors in that.

Second experience at Walgreens

I picked up a shake-it-torchlight for my kid, along with other things. This was stocked near the cashier counter and had no price label.

“tell me how much this torch costs” I said.

“I don’t know, have to check in the back shelves” he said ” maybe $5 or $6… would you buy”

He catalyzed my decision not to buy that. A positive answer would have encouraged me to buy that for my kid.

You don’t need technology for that. Big organizations rely on “human” / untrained humans, who fail to see the impact on customer experience.


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