Information world – what I get out of it !!

Information world – what I get out of it ? Experience / entertainment, News, Learning, Expressing power, exploration, Relations, Earning ….

What I get

Criterea to filter / sort

Experience / entertained :something that makes me feel good. Leaves a memory of “Had a good time”.
(comedian, singer, orator..)
  • Original content / new thought (repeat is boring)
  • Popular
  • Ranked (best seller)
  • Past history (author / director)
  • Commenters talking about it (not referrers)
  • Good sample
Alerted : something that tells about the world around me, that might impact me in some way.
  • I should know earlier the better basis.
  • More impact to me first
  • More closer to me first
  • Larger Size first
Learn :adds value to me through knowledge
(selecting a course)

  • Valueable (gets me good jobs, makes me more valueable)
  • Builds on what I want (not random)
  • Builds on what I have
  • That which will differentiate me
Express : able to tell my stories.
  • I am valued
  • Easier to express
  • Has interesting listeners
  • My style / medium (painting, poetry…)
  • Keeps history of my stories
  • Makes easier view ability of the story (preview, thumbnails…)
Explore (tag search, …) :that which I discover , like a place
(I become the discoverer, inventor, ideator ..)
  • Pristine territory
  • Not crowded
  • Hints / leads
Relate : build relationships in the community
(friend, lover, …)
  • Trustworthy
  • Friendly
  • Same tastes
  • Interesting
  • Popular
Earn :looking for business opps
(Business partner, seller, buyer)
  • Fits my business
  • I fit to that business
  • Higher ROI
  • Easier to test
  • Proven
  • Less risks


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