Blogosphere – a big open party

Even after so much of explosion, I think only a small % of the world literate population are involved in this open party called blogosphere. It would be interesting to watch as this becomes much more mainstream and widespread (when even my grandmother would be able participate).Open Party is a good analogy to understand what would happen in this space.

There are many kinds of personalities in this party :

  • C- creaters of original information
  • P – Pointers of information (shows where it is)
  • U – users/ consumers of information.

It is natural that C : P : U ratio would be something like 1: 10 : 1000

Each User connects to either Pointer or Creator through RSSNote that large portion of RSS feeds would be Pointer and not Creator.

RSS is source channeling. Which is good for established Creator but not for new Creator or any User.

Channels are better filters for ensuring consistent results. But often surprise comes from the outside. and, what happens when channels grow much beyond one can count.

The best solution would be to have technology which can bring the information easily (pushing the hardwork of filtering to the background).

What criterea should one use to gather information.

I want the information/information tools for :

  1. News – know what happens that is relavant to me (fresh, popular, relavant – locational, lifestyle)
  2. Learning – learn what might benefit me ( Value, fit to me, rated)
  3. Earn – information that can help me earn.
  4. Relate – that which connects me to friends.
  5. Entertainment – that which entertains me.
  6. Express – that which allows me to express myself.
  7. Explore – that which takes me to new worlds (not same as search).

The tools and blogophere would evolve to meet these requirements. Which currently cannot differentiate between the above. Tools and technologies need to evolve to exploit this.


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