Super links – 3 tiered web

Hyperlink revolutionized the web. With one click you could reach the destination.

What if your web page is not just two layers (what you see & what it links to). I mean if one has superlinks(TM) one can see additional layer of information (image, text, webpage, document …anything) embedded without leaving the page. It is not opening new tab or new window. It is about using mouse to enhance reading experience.

this is first example post I am creating to show the concept.

What you need – Browster extension (available for both IE and FF). This tool provides a preview of the links.

But instead of complete web pages, my links will show small snippets. the Preview is [p] next to the links. if you click on the link itself, the object will open in a seperate window.

I write a blog about experience design. One of the article was about “how do your customer relate to you [p]

While another was about

gillettes five blade invention [p]if you have browster installed, move mouse over [p] in above lines.

This way you can sample what I have in the link (exact location, not the whole page)

or this news snippet from google earth [p]

or this video I made [p]


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