Features design

How many features should one include in a product ?

How can one include killer features, even while keeping the product simple to use ?

How many features should be visible in each situation ?

Browsers include many features in form of menus and toolbars. Often taking up much more visible space. Contextual feature avialability would be cool thing to do. May be one needs to do scenario based feature sets. So one needs to identify all the scenarios that user can go through with the product and intelligently make applicable features visible.

Open source featurelets adds to this confusion. There are many firefox extensions available for free. Some example of contextual featurelets :

  1. Yahoomail extension that adds a + sign in front of each mail and allows to in line preview does this wonderfully.
  2. Book burro extension that shows comparitive book prices contextually when the user explores any book on Amazon or like.

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