Is this end of products era ?

Has the world moved from ‘need’ based products,

                                                                                    to ‘desire’ based artifacts,

                                                                                                         to greater ‘experience’ based solutions.

en:conference:speakers:peter_merholz [SHiFT – Social and Human Ideas for Technology]

As the internet and digital networks in general become more ubiquitous, more distributed, and more integrated in our lives, we’re finding that it’s hard to find a “product” that is not also, or even mostly, a service.

ipod is a perfect example for so many business theories (did steve jobs think of all these angles!!). This one states that stand alone products are being overtaken by “solutions”.

def. Product – an independant package of output

Even a old product such as a car, needs other things – gas stations, service stations, roads … to be useful. Therefore the point is not if in this new “design” world product era is ending, rather it is that, for further differentiation / premium pricing, product companies have to own bigger chunk of the new ecosystems.

That is a way to improve the total experience to the end user. Which is  becoming key driver  of  growth.


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