Don’t waste your creativity in building stories of doom.

The world is much more complex and dynamic than one imagined.

I cannot predict or control all the events that would have impact on me.

Human brain is very powerful. But the real world is much.. much more complex to be modelled completely. Should I start that business … yes, try and see if you can. There is no theoritical correct answer. Life is about trying things out, and adapting (being flexible) to the changing world-view.

One doesn’t plan the entire/detailed road trip in the head. We don’t say – “we might be hit by someone, so it is better not to drive”. We just sit in the car and drive. Maneuvering as we drive on. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that I would drive over the “niagra falls” or “Grand Canyon”, I know it is impossible.

Which also means, I don’t know my future. I can never know. Then why bother about what will happen tomorrow ? Why waste time on mere possibilities and probabilities? NO, it doesn’t mean, one should destroy possibilities of tomorrow. It just means, one need not give too much importance to what is not real yet.

There would never be a time, when everything is in control. Be ready to expect the unexpected – the positive as well as the negative kind. Don’t spoil most of life’s time in worrying about few possibilities. Especially the negative kind. Don’t waste your creativity in building stories of doom.


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