I want to hear from ‘my kind of crowd’

Sequel to my earlier post What can ‘Crowd’ – (web2.0) do for me? « Simile

Currently people love these ‘crowd’ apps. The problem with them is that there are all kinds of people in the crowd. Most often what is popular in larger sense doesn’t mean anything to me. For a normal  (non-geek) most of the popular stuff on the web doesn’t relate to their world-view.

I would be more interested in knowing what ‘my kind of crowd’ – like-minded, are buzzing about. Not just young, technology freaks…

I mean a open, dynamically changing group. Not the kind of google-groups or message-board.

“What car did my kind of people..  choose. Most of whom might be unknown to me. The ‘crowd’ app would dynamically match us based on our individual interests and history.”

Wouldn’t the Advt. people love such groups. and such applications ?

Why doesn’t Advt. companies building such apps themselves ?


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