Stories within our head

Our world inside our heads is collection of stories centered around ourselves.

Our confidence, worries, happiness .. all are based on the  stories we build – conciously or otherwise

While creative (right side?) of our brain can comeup with any story… but without the moderation of the logical (left side) these stories could turn delusional.

On the other hand too much of logical thinking or no creative activity could turn one into a inhuman vegetable / machine.

Change / influence the internal stories, and the life changes.

Not imaginary situations, stories around the real situations. Like a photographer would look at an angle that would make the scene beautiful. Be a positive story teller of the real world to yourself.

Only 10% of real world fears or hopes come true. So inflating the hopes and suppressing the fears is the way to create better stories.

What ever stories you are telling yourself, it is important know them consciously.


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