Do you read business books?

  • Does theory matter ?
  • Can soldiers pause to strategize?
  • Aren’t most business theories like fashion / fad ?
  • Isn’t book business more about selling paper /package rather than ideas ?

Note: Most business books cost $20 with more than 200 pages. 150 or more pages in these books contain repeat of the same idea.

  • All Business books give historical examples to support “the theory”. None recommend of who (specific company) can do what to use this theory. or… maybe books are marketing tools for high cost consulting.

Seth – a prolific business writer – raises a question:

Do business books work?

Every year, more than a thousand new ‘business’ books get published in the US. Not textbooks or manuals, but general interest books about how to do business better.

Some sell a few hundred copies. Some sell a few hundred thousand. One or two might sell a million. Out of a potential audience of 30 or 40 million white collar workers in the US.

Do they work or are they an utter waste of time?


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