TV Guide for million channels

How to build a TV guide for million channels ?  (triggered by article by Seth Godin)

Solution : Automation / script  or community guide.

My experience is that  search technology (including Google) is reaching its  utility in ever changing / expanding content domain. Search provides global top 10 list, which is becoming increasingly useless. Consider the following questions :

1. Which is the best car for me ? or TV or house …?

2.  Who can guide me best … ?

3.  Best entertainment content … to spend my evening today?

Google or any other search fail miserably in answering such real life questions. Not because Search robot is not smart, but because these questions cannot be answered without knowing me and my life preferences / status. Google doesn’t know who I am.  That’s why the next battle of web is personalization.

On the other hand, Communities can act like human agents helping in answering such questions. Not generic MySpace community, but  a community of people like me. In fact many communities with people with similar interests as mine.

Maybe Google should start to know my communities (online and offline) and build me guides based on opinion of those communities. Maybe someone is already working on this in their garage / bedroom right this moment (I wonder why not me …!!).


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