Medium of creativity

what is your medium of ideas ?

Cartoonists use their cartoons to convey their ideas. So Cartoons are their medium – everyone knows that right ??


entrepreneur’s medium is business

Web designer’s medium is web sites

Software maker / widget maker’s medium is the widget or software

One need to be clear, whether it is the cartoons / software or business. You can’t be perfecting cartoons and hope that you have a great business.

That doesn’ t mean that each one of us can use only one medium. It means that being clear what all mediums is one creating in. Maybe a cartoonist is very creative in cartoons but not so creative in the business of cartoons. Then there are Edisons of the world who apparently are experts in many mediums at the same time.

Success in real world often requires creative thinking in all mediums of the  product. Atleast till one can establish a successful brand, after that there will be many more who will push the product further.


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