Logic based v/s feel based medium of expression

Logic based v/s feel based

While busines, software etc are also mediums of creation and ideas, they are logic based rather than feel based.

Logic based – deduce what is correct / optimum thing to do.

Feel based – If it feels good to you, it must be appealing to others.

Painting, Music etc are feel based mediums.

Important to note that, while logic leads to universally agreed truth, feel is more personal and might not be same for others. But at the same time, feel connects deeper human levels than logic. Therefor emphasis in logic based mediums is on truth and wider acceptability, whereas feel based depends on emotional depth to individual.

Leaders are feel based, while managers are logic based.

I am not saying that one is better than the other, but recognizing that feel based creative mediums are different. I have ability for both type (so I think), and therefor I should choose to have both kinds of mediums.

Design is in many ways a feel medium.


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