My struggle with ideas

I thought :My job provides current $$, while I need to find other areas for my ideas to flurish.If I can experiment in my spare time, I can hit a jackpot idea !! If I can experiment in my spare time, I can find a passion and one day I will have my masterpiece.But what I learned is that realistic ideas need to be generated closer to the reality. Find people, not imaginary users and their needs.Secondly, ideas don’t come in vacuum. They are like mutations rather than dreams. Great art evolves while artist is creating rather than big bangs into life.Feel it – Feel the reality, add imagination/ dream /envision how the reality could be. Try and test those extensions of reality. Let them naturally grow and evolve. Some will mature to big things.So the new thinking is :1. feel the reality2. Allow to see beyond – dream3. Some things will grow4. Move out of your wayBut what if I don’t get inspired and am condemn to live a boring life ?That means you need to train on the step 2 – dream ahead.Dreams generate hope. Hope is very important positive force of life.While I was looking for good ideas to prototype, now I am looking for good domains to mutate /innovate.Instead of ephemeral hobbies, I need fun projects with a end point. Don’t worry if you don’t achieve much, but look for opportunities to improvise and evolve.Instead of ideas – prototyping – realizing , reality – envision – evolve. One of the ways to do that is to recreate existing – find opportunities to improvise / innovate. 


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