Long nose of innovation

Long Nose of innovationLong nose of innovation


Interesting article by Bill Buxton in Businessweek.

I like the metaphor of long nose (in line with long tail). The main take aways for me :

1. If you are an inventor, you would be long dead before your invention makes money.

2. Dramatic changes in the world comes takes long time after the initial idea.

3. Ecosystem has to be ready, to create the big impact.

4. Big changes are based on many small ideas.

5. Think of it as a building. Each idea is just a small brick. Many types of materials and techniques have to evolve to create a unique building.

6. It is similar to “Life”. Life evolves through reproduction and mutations. It takes generations (ages..) to create a human from a single cell. Same thing applies to ideas. I read somewhere that darwin’s theories can be used to describe evolution of ideas / memes as well.

7. Unlike religious beliefs – god created (invented) humans and other species – Darwinism says that everything is result of evolution.  


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