Life lessons

We all become part of groups (companies) for :

  • Security – many are better than one
  • Efficiency – Cheaper, cost effective to be part of a group

But inherently groups bring problems like :

  • Lack of Control – some one else seems to control my destiny and impact on me.
  • Increased Friction – people are the biggest friction creators (chaos generators).

In life most of us are mix of an individual and a group member. It is degree of the mix that matters.

A individualistic lifestyle requires :

  • Lots of resources – if you are rich (money or talent), you can ignore groups. Because rich can buy security and be in-efficient.

Whereas group lifestyle would need :

  • Lead the pack – so that you can be in control and be above the lower level frictions.

Either way, riches and ownership seems to be the only way to have better life.

I am not born with lots of resources (neither got from my parents). Therefore my goal in life should be :

  1. To acquire as much resources as possible. Talent wise as well as $$ wise.
  2. Become owner /leader of something. (Even if it is a small piece of a big group) As autonomous as possible.
  3. Deploy the earned resources to achieve the above two.

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