Impact of catalysts in life

Every time I see someone getting more than I do, I wonder is it because that person put in more effort or took higher risks or was lucky. In mathematical terms :

Returns (Rewards) ~ fn ( effort, risk taken, luck) 

Returns are a function of efforts, level of risk taken, right timing. Missing in this equation is the effect of catalysts/dampeners such as money, relationships etc. Catalysts act like multipliers in the function. Therefore one can rewrite the above as :

Returns = fn( effort, risk, luck) * (Catalyst power / Dampener power)

If the above is true, the recipe for success is 

  1. Work hard 
  2. Take calculated risks
  3. Hope to be lucky (or pray if you believe it helps)
  4. Identify possible catalysts – ensure their presence and effect
  5. Identify dampeners – ensure their absence and reduced impact

Which are the catalysts for success?

In business and career, 

  • Money 
  • Relationships
  • Prior success
  • Relative Position / Power
things like that are the catalysts. Therefore rich becoming richer / successful is apparent trend in the world. One cannot ignore the importance of relationship as a major catalyst. 
Catalysts take lot of time to build. Which is why instant successes or riches are rare / impossible. 

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