Needs, Goals and Desires

There are things that one “Need to do”, and there are some, “Goals to achieve”.

But the “Desires to fulfill” are done first among all others.

Need to : are mostly forced from outside

Goals : are logically arrived at

Desires:  have emotional drive behind them.

How does one convert all activities in life into “desirable” ones ?

When I imagine the output and fall in love with that, I desire it.  While everything in life has little grey in it, it is the ability to see the bright spots that would generate passion.  

Take a task – cleaning the bathroom (boring!!). Look for interesting / pleasurable outcomes. Imagine and embellish the output further. “I wish we had spic and span bathroom”.

This is not easy, especially for repeat jobs (like cleaning of bathroom). But habit(which is other way to get things done) might not always help in getting things done. That’s where I need creativity to imagine a interesting outcome time and again.

Can every activity be desirable ?

I am not sure. But most of the stuff we do as habits. Like brushing teeth. There is no meaning in using desire as the driver. Though many times such things are also driven by desires (white teeth, attractive self).

Life driven by desires (to achieve something) is passionate one. Life without desires makes us machines.


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