We choose through heart

We perceive the world through emotions – it feels cozy, warm, dull …today etc.

We choose things that excite us emotionally – sensuous, tasty, intelligent, safe… feel. Some are basic emotions, while others are secondary – like feeling emotionally correct (as organic movement or giving gifts makes you feel).

This is very important for any creator. If others have to try / accept your creation, it needs to appeal to them viscerally. ipod cannot be sold as bigger hard disk, or smallest music player – it had to be marketed as wanted thing. Same with fashion, you don’t buy fashion stuff because of left brain.

Is it true that right brain is the master of decision making (especially to adopt new stuff) ?

Same also applies to presidential candidates, they have to win by that feeling rather than comparative points.

Is there anything that we humans choose based on left brain ? probably not. We use our analytical ability as a tool / like calculator. Real world is often so complex that it is very difficult to create a logical model that matches reality.

So we choose our food, cars, partners, business, investments, jobs,charity, luxury…even soaps, everything through our hearts. Therefore it is very important to keep this in mind as a creator.

Find a positive emotion that can be connected naturally to your creation – more specifically the core value of the creation.  Figure out what will enhance that feel. Market through that feel. (PS: all good advertisements are appealing to the heart not mind). Appealing to heart doesn’t mean just romantic, sensuous only. It means it ‘feels’ – exciting, safe, satisfying, fulfilling, happy, intelligent or anything positive. Here is list of emotions, I think that are involved in our daily decisions (taken from Wikipedia):

Emotions are very messy things

While they are excellent guides for complex reality. Emotions are very mis-leading as well. How we feel might not always be accurately reflecting what is the reality. That’s one of the reasons to loose money in stock market or become obese (sugar tastes desirable).

There is no tolerance for fake. If the underlying value is not in-sync with the emotion attached to it, the whole thing can turn sour (negative).

So which emotion does www.plumdots.com represent or can represent – hope, envy, inspiration, pride, curiosity… enthusiasm ? I think ‘Hope’ – hope to find a better / satisfying job. or Smart /intelligent – that I can find what others cannot.


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