opportunities are better than ideas

Opportunities are better than ideas.

Opportunities :

  • are more real than ideas.
  • are external while ideas are internal
  • require ideas to accomplish them.
  • are self fulfilling unlike ideas which most of times just give mental satisfaction

There can be many ways to achieve the opportunities.  Though many opportunities are uninspiring, it is better to pursue them than internal ideas.

So don’t start with ideas and then look for opportunities to apply them. Rather look for opportunities and achieve them whether through new ideas or copied experiences.

Opportunities could be in all aspects of life. Whatever I like to have in my life – relationships, money, fame, knowledge, experience, fun, … I need to look for opportunities to enhance them.

Don’t make TODOs of the opportunities. Get inspired and imagine through opportunities.

So the new way is :

  • observe
  • imagine
  • look for opportunities
  • brainstorm and generate ideas to accomplish those

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