Live by the heart

I wrote in We choose through heart that emotions are very important in our decision making. Especially for the personal things.

How about living most of the day with that philosophy ?

Doing things the way ones heart desires. 

So there are two kinds of things one does – 

1. What I want to do (IM Internal motivation)

2. What I am have to do (EM External Motivation)

Living the day by heart means, IM activities are in line with my positive emotions. Don’t do for any logical reasons, do it because it feels right.

Even for EM activities, one can control “how” and “when” to suit the heart. I do things when and how I want to do.

IM activities come to you when you are excited about possibilities. You imagine a better new world.

Don’t let your logical brain screw you happiness

Don’t be driven by logic. Because it will drive you to lifeless life.  

Feel the world. Feel the excitement of new. Do it, because you feel right about it. Use logic to checkpoint as a tool – will this cost me something substantial ?

Do more if it feels good.


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