World is evolving – how do I participate in it

World is changing – that I know. I can even imagine how it would change next. (Newspapers would be dead, Cable companies will go away etc).

But how do I participate in this new part of the world.

I thought :  all new stuff happens due to new ideas. So if I generate lots of ideas, I will become part of the this evolution.

But I realized that ideas are mostly fiction within my own head. They have little validity beyond my imaginations.

So I went from “ideas are king” to real projects with investment and continuous  innovation are essential part of the change. Don’t talk just do it !!

Notice how ‘life’ gets ‘new’ stuff. Mutations that happen during reproduction are the sources of change.  Similarly innovations happen in regular business (which is created to earn money not worry about innovation).  In fact innovation becomes a necessity for a profitable business.

There are two trends impacting return on investments (large scale).

1. Commoditization – increased supply with lower costs. Sharing the same pie.

2. Premium (New) – higher price due to increasing demand. Creating a new pie /extension.

Eventually every premium thing succumbs to commoditization. The idea is to ride the front end of the evolution tide.

So look for the evolution tide and get to the front part of it.  Create valid business (which makes economic sense) with high returns and innovations. Build something realistic while pushing the boundaries.

I am not talking about “green movement” kind of new. That kind require a revolution.

I am talking of smaller [ 🙂 ]  “ipod”, “google search” kind of new.


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