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QuickView extension

Thank you !! for visiting QuickView extension page

What is Quickview

Web pages contain embedded “gateways” – links to other sources of info.

But how often did you want to peek into those gates (links) without actually going there ? Quickview is the solution for that.

Quickview is a FF extension to preview any link.Once installed, simply ctrl+click any link , presto your gate opens for a peek.

You can even select any text on the page, and click a virtual button on the bottom right part (or just press ‘f9’) to view what world is saying about the selected text.

You can also view

– Conversations @ : Contextually, just-in time, find out what others are saying about the information you are watching

– Blog search : What are blogs saying about this.

– Web search : contextually search the link text on the web. Maybe someone has better information source.

(more on this coming soon.. my extension is awaiting approval on mozilla site)


QuickView – my firefox extension



QuickView (see ‘swipe’ in above pic) is a simple extension to preview any link,that I have created using greasemonkey script. If you have a gm extension loaded on you firefox, then check this out.

I am also in process to make it into a firefox extension (without the need for Greasemonkey).