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Social visibility of objects

An expensive watch is a fashion item. Unlike early days, it is not worn for its function, but to express a style statement. It works more of defining who I am rather than as a tool for myself. Watch is a social object !! so is a car, a suit, a bag – all fashion.

iPod is successful for many reasons, but one of the main one being its social visibility. What if it was a tool used inside ones privacy – say a bathroom ? Would it command such premium $$ ?

Social objects are marketing tools. This is best way to decrease marketing costs and enhance message effectiveness. But at the same time, social object help humans project a larger (or better) than life image of oneself. So individuals participate in socializing any object for his /her own selfish interest to ‘show off’ – in good way. While producer / business gets to expand their marketing message through free viral distribution.

Social objects command premium pricing – non-social objects become commodities

What makes any object socially visible ?

1. when it is used / consumed in public – not private.
2. Share usage preference /pattern in public.
3. when expertise or knowledge about it is shared
4. when it is consumed collectively in a group



QuickView extension

Thank you !! for visiting QuickView extension page

What is Quickview

Web pages contain embedded “gateways” – links to other sources of info.

But how often did you want to peek into those gates (links) without actually going there ? Quickview is the solution for that.

Quickview is a FF extension to preview any link.Once installed, simply ctrl+click any link , presto your gate opens for a peek.

You can even select any text on the page, and click a virtual button on the bottom right part (or just press ‘f9’) to view what world is saying about the selected text.

You can also view

– Conversations @ : Contextually, just-in time, find out what others are saying about the information you are watching

– Blog search : What are blogs saying about this.

– Web search : contextually search the link text on the web. Maybe someone has better information source.

(more on this coming soon.. my extension is awaiting approval on mozilla site)

Global communicator – cool design

GLOOOGLOOO (the working name) is a prototype of globe-shaped world browser and communicator. This device giving the view of current state of the planet, weather conditions, customized news headlines and online contacts. The design also includes the use of a Laser Keyboard to communicate with other people around the globe.

Source: GLOOO

Smart design – did you really clean your hands

Source : Core77 blog


Squidsoap [via Strange New Products] is a pump that puts black ink on your hands when you pump out the soap; your hands are clean when they are free of ink (and happily, also free from invisible germs and gunk).

Simple paper shredder-scissors

CoMagz-Hand Shredder | Linkadelic Magazine

Simple design for a shredder. One can shred any size paper (especially store receipts with name and card details) in any direction.

Brilliant forum of super ideas of the world


If someone has any doubt of power of human ideas, visit this link.

I am blown away by this. These are really great minds on display.

Great visual interface for storytelling


I came across thisĀ 

Great way to visual layout a story. Allows to explore rather than narrating in a linear way.