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Experienced is not always the best candidate

Richardson Drops Out of Democratic Race – New York Times

Selecting someone for a office / job, can be done based on :

1. Experience and knowledge

2. Attitude and intelligence

It is often said ( in selection process)

“hire for the attitude and train for the skill”

Because while both are essential – especially for such big posts as president of USA, experience / knowledge can come from people around, but attitude and intelligence are not easy to be induced.

But then attitude and intelligence are much more fuzzier than experience and knowledge.

Resumes are formats for experience and knowledge, while interviews are tests of attitude and intelligence.

You can guess who I would support !! 🙂


My theory of Business evolution

Business is about profiting from scarcity.

  • Demand – Supply =  Scarcity
  • Price – Cost = profit

Evolution in business :

  1. Pick current Scarcity (and which has price $$) fill it with abundant supply
  2. Which creates / props-up new scarcity.
  3. Become leader in servicing the new scarcity.
  4. And the next generation will strive to make the new scarcity abundant and repeat the cycle.

Mass production

Reduce common costs thus increasing profits

Luxury business

High price for extreme unessential (for living) scarcity.

Broadcast model

Zero price subsidized with Ads revenue on a high volume

Google search

Zero price, low cost subsidized with Ads on very high volume


Minimum inventory costs for large volume resulting in discount price

Music business

Zero price for music, high price for related experience

trustedopinion – aims correctly but cannot be scaled to include my open world friends

concept is good. But it is not enough.

My circle should include ‘open world friends’ not just those friends who joined this service. For instance, people whose blogs I subscribe are also important. Even if they don’t join this particular service.

In I want to do the same on open scale. Something that will plug into address book 2.0 kind of service. Watch this space on my execution of this idea.