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What can ‘Crowd’ – (web2.0) do for me?

This year’s “buzzest” word has been Social or Web2.0.

This is not about a company making software for a person or an organization. This is about everyone – from a student to a mega-company – making software for the ‘crowd’.

Flickr, YouTube, … and such.. all make a buzzing community. The idea is that God (google) with the help of devils (Advt. men) would help you monetize this buzzing.

But really, What can I get from a ‘crowd’ ?

1. News alerts – ‘crowd’ becomes my editors. I only read something that ‘crowd’ buzzes about.
2. Knowledge – ‘crowd’ guides me towards great teachers (A-bloggers), who know everything about the world.
3. Culture – ‘crowd’ is fastest way to learn about culture. If you participate in all the conversations around, you would surely know what human nature is.

In other words, we get to know,

  • What is hot now (GW Bush is always a hot topic)
  • Who is popular (the A-bloggers)
  • What topics are most interesting (more the debate /conversation … the better it is)

While this is fantastic (generating Billions of $$), what can ‘crowd’ do for me, when I need them. For instance,

1. I want to know if a particular movie is watchable
2. What is the best car for my budget and needs
3. Can ‘crowd’ help me find a job ? Business ?
4. Should I learn ‘design’ or is it too late in my life.

Can I ask the ‘crowd’ for wisdom. or is it simply one way process.