What is a simile?

“Organizations are like trees.” is a simile.

Why similes ?

Real world is very complex. We humans want to get an replica of the real world in our head. Though human brain is very capable, it still requires simplification to remember and operate on it. Sometimes a picture or an object or another situation can represent the real. Similes are a tool for that.

At the time of starting this blog, I was interested in exploring similes. That inspired me to use this word – simile for my blogs.

I have been writting blogs, diaries etc for sometime. However they all are spread out in many different tools and places. This is one attempt to bring all into one place.

See the this

XDesign – What this about

…better experiences enhance life …

Experience – impact on our mind, is uniquely human. I explore different aspects of world that impacts human experience. You may like what I write as a user, designer, ideator or a financier of the world.

We get experiences from other humans as well as non-humans (life forms and non-life).

A human to human relationship is much more matured and understood concept than human to object relationship. In order to design objects that would be good for humans, a model of human to human relationships could be a guide.
Learning from Human Relationships

  1. Outside the orbits – Attractive (model, beautiful person) – see once in a while; sensory feel – visual, audio …;
  2. Friends orbit – Interacting – talk to fewtimes in a week; interactive, two-way communication
  3. Family orbit – Relation – Emotional bonding;part of bigger group, we-are-together feeling
  4. Lover orbit – Love – partner; grows, lives together
  5. Self extension – part of – identification, extension of self

Products can be designed to go deeper in to the orbits. Closer to the human, more valueable it is. Sometimes, a product starts at the higher orbits and goes deeper with time. While it is also feasible that a product starts at a deeper level at the beginning.
”What can be done to deepen the product relationship with the human users. ”

Click her for Parameters for deeper experience


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